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Friday, March 14, 2008

Tips For Frugal Living: Change The Way You Buy Music

Tips For Frugal Living: Change The Way You Buy Music

As far as dowloading music goes, Emusic is a good deal. You can get 50 free downloads just for joining, and in my case, because I bought an RCA Lyra MP3 player, I was able to get 100 free downloads as part of one of their special promos. Regular prices are decent too, about $0.33/song. Compare that with $0.99 from other sites. They also have a deal where, in addition you can get 1 free download per day after the free trial membership lapses and the regular one kicks in.

Here's the catch: E-music is all independent label stuff, so you wont find the current big name stuff that HMV & Sam's are flogging in their big displays. You can get music from yesteryear that has been picked up by independent labels, as well as some good somewhat known artists on independent labels.

Their classical repertoire is excellent, with Naxos (being considered an independent label) recordings, and plenty of others.

Enjoy!!! It's inexpensive, good quality, and best of all, legal and ethical. BTW, you have the songs forever (no licensing restrictions) on an unlimited basis. so you can put them on as many Cds or MP3 players as many times as you like!

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